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Van der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill.
Een" absolute must voor de echte fan" Harold van Zessen ioPages Netherlands Apr 2006. An" immense amount of information is presented clearly and respectfully, without ever descending into obsequiousness, or becoming mired in details. The Book will obviously be of interest to fans, but it also provides fascinating insights into the culture of the times" Guitar Player July 2006. un'opera' straordinaria, che si colloca fin da ora quale punto di riferimento assoluto sull'argomento.' Enrico Ramunni Rockerilla Italy June 2006. No" Van der Graaf fan should be without it" Review in Ugly Things 24. Such" a band deserves a good book about it, and now it's' got one" ROCK'n'REEL' Jan/Feb 2008. Van der Graaf Generator.:
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Van Der Graaf Generator. Formed in the UK, 1967 by Peter Hammill, Chris Judge Smith and now deceased Nick Pearne. After a period of activity during the 1970s, the band broke up although not for the first time in 1978, seemingly for good.
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The band was named after the scientific instrument the Van de Graaff generator, which is used for accumulating high voltage bolts. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR VdGG for short is known for its extrovert dynamics ranging from slow, calm peaceful to fierce heavy, its intense and emotional love it or hate it vocals by Peter HAMMILL, its celebrated contribution to extended progressive songwriting and its combination of psychedelic, jazz, classical and avant-garde or even acid influences.
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In juni en juli 2009 gaf Van der Graaf Generator concerten in Canada en de Verenigde Staten de band was sinds 1976 niet meer in de Verenigde Staten geweest. In het voorjaar van 2010 nam het trio in Devon een geheel nieuw album op.
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3 Smith was so impressed with the quality of Hammill's' original material that the two agreed to form a band together. 4 The band name chosen from Smith's' list was based on a Van de Graaff generator, a mechanical device that produces static electricity with lightning-like flashes the misspellings are accidental.
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Een vandegraaffgenerator of bandgenerator is een elektrostatische generator ontworpen door Robert Van de Graaff in het begin van de 20e eeuw. De generator bestaat voornamelijk uit een isolerende buis waarop een holle metalen bol is bevestigd. In de verticaal opgestelde, geïsoleerde buis draait een elektrisch geïsoleerde band die fysiek elektrische lading van onder door wrijving met de aandrijvende as of afkomstig van een hoogspanningsunit naar boven vervoert.

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